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The story

Furo is launching Spring 2018 at Capsule NY and eM Productions Showrooms. The line has been created by Lisa Elliot-Rosas, owner of eM Productions and co-founder of the Coeur tradeshow.

After launching her handbag line e:oh in 2000—and having spent 17 years of assisting other brands' growth—Lisa has designed a desirable line of everyday essentials in unique, woven fabrics.

The word furo is taken from the Japanese word for “flow”; these pieces are comfortable, chic and effortless, and can be worn throughout the day into evening, whether in major cities or small towns or while traveling to the countryside. Timeless and of the highest quality, each of Furo’s 13 refined classic styles offers a unique twist, with known and familiar shapes that will appeal to a wide demographic of women.

Throughout her years in fashion, Lisa traveled for years from Paris to Japan and worked in her New York and Los Angeles showrooms. She found an opportunity in the marketplace and is now filling that gap by appealing to women who can throw on a dress or a top that is of top quality, unique and easy to wear— whether going to work, out to dinner, traveling or lounging. 

Furo’s designs are influenced by the French style of dressing merged with a unique global perspective.