Los angeles, CA





Born in Tehran, Iran, Desiree Kohan was raised in Los Angeles from the age of three. With a family that provided her with a deep-rooted support system, she was raised to believe in her own thoughts and ideas, and always knew that she would be part of the design/art world.

Desiree attended UCLA and studied psychology before moving to Milan to pursue design. There, she worked with the best designers as an inspirational shopper, but was challenged by having her first professional job in a country where she did not speak the language. She persevered by staying in the moment while dreaming of her future.

After returning to L.A., Desiree started styling, which she “hated.” Then, she started a clothing line, and “hated” that. By integrating past professional experiences, Desiree’s natural next step was to open a store: her eponymous boutique, Des Kohan. She believes that her greatest accomplishment in her work is discovering and nurturing new talent. Working with designers and curating art is a passion that often turns clients into friends.

Whether hiking, reading, or having a spa day, Desiree enjoys life with her family and friends, as well as traveling. She credits her father with guiding her toward what matters most: integrity, respect for all life, and taking the opportunity to help those around her. Her future will include working for animal rights, modeling compassion toward all animals.

To advise other women so they can empower themselves, Desiree would advise them to know when the timing is right to start on their journey; there is an opening for everyone. And, she adds, never give up—no matter what obstacles appear.