As a young girl, Lisa Elliot-Rosas’s fashionable, elegant mother influenced her nascent love for the creative arts. Although she grew up in Los Angeles, Lisa also attended schools schools in Switzerland and Boston. Starting early in LA, she worked in retail for Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys.  She then moved to New York and worked in public relations and advertising. Then, wanting to work in fashion, Lisa’s determination and persistence landed her a sales position with designer Richard Tyler’s company. As Lisa traveled throughout the U.S. for her job, she learned the art of tailoring and true craftsmanship.

Illness brought Lisa back to her hometown, where she started a handbag line called e:oh. The first season, she won the Gen Art Award for best accessory designer. Feeling empowered, Lisa was introduced to one of her favorite designers, Michelle Mason, and began working for her. 

A fierce entrepreneurial spirit and love for design and the arts inspired Lisa to establish eM Productions, with showrooms in L.A. and Manhattan, while living with her husband and two young children in Silver Lake. But the antidote to a fast-paced, downtown L.A. work life was nature, community, and open space. So today, she and her family have settled in Ojai, CA.

When asked to partner with a factory in India and with Owner of Cattywampus Crafts in Ojai: Kirk Nozaki in design, to begin her own line, Lisa believed it was time. She knew what she liked and what was missing in the market: unique, easy-to-wear, comfortable day-to-night pieces for work, play and travel—

essential styles in a minimal mindset. Thus, the launch of Furo for Spring 2018! With a percentage of profits donated to education for women, each Furo style is named for accomplished, visionary women she knows, including designers, chefs, artists, photographers . . .

With a life so rich and hectic, Lisa’s mind and soul are deeply moved by Thoreau’s Walden, Henry Miller’s Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymous Bosch, and the piercing words of Leonard Cohen. Her own words? “Think, feel, and be humble; be empowered and pursue your passions.”