Furo x kristen elspeth necklace

$259 - Small / $338 - Large

14k gold pendant on an 18" fine rope chain.  Available in 2 sizes: Small (approximately 3.5mm) or Large (approximately 10mm) 

A portion of the proceeds from sales are donated to Women For Women.


Using the Japanese Katakana symbol in the center of the word Furo, which looks like the letter A in English, we hope to create a symbol that becomes a talisman for all who wear it; a reminder to keep a positive attitude, high aspiration, and to create a life focused on flow and hope. This character’s meaning is ‘to flow through the life’.

Lisa, Co-Owner of Furo, has collaborated with her favorite jewelry designer, Kristen Elspeth to create the Empowerment Necklace using this Furo symbol.

The Furo collection was founded on this principle, and our designs are intended to take you through life with comfort and ease, to be timeless and universal; to go from work, to dinner, travel and lounging.

Empower yourself and dance through life!


Lisa and Kristen