A day in the life of Furo, spring 18

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Creative Direction: Kirk Nozaki and Lisa Rosas

Styles/Furo day photography and web design: Paulo Rosas

Furo Women photography: Simone Noble

Styling: Simi Dhillon and Andrea Campodonico

Model: Dani @ M Model Management

Hair/Makeup: Alma Diffie

Graphics: Favorlet Creative

Logo/Design/Partner: Kirk Nozaki

Editor: Ellen Sklartz

Dog: Buster



Vase: Cattywampus Crafts

Handbag: Clare V.

Jewelry: Dream Collective/Kathryn Bentley

Jeans: Reiko

Shorts: The Odells

Journal: In The Field

Shoes: Loq/Mohawk General Store



I Shock Myself by Beatrice Woods

Walden by Henry-DavidThoreau

Ojai Views by Lisa Rosas



Knead Bakery-Ojai

Meadow Reserve-Ojai

Cattywampus Crafts-Ojai

Ojai Harvest Restaurant