"No two voices are alike, just as no two faces are alike. Honor your unique voice. "

I am in Libbey Bowl. My "element" is music and nature and the Bowl always serves as a source of inspiration for me. Some of my favorite spaces in the world are outdoor amphitheaters. I think about how Aaron Copeland performed his Opera "The Tenderland" here at the Bowl in the 1950's and how it was one of the first Opera's I sang in at the Tanglewood Center as an apprentice artist many years ago. The Shed at Tanglewood is another place where music and nature converge. This space also served as the premiere for Ojai Youth Opera's production of Brundibar and will be home to more creative endeavors for my company. When I see a blank stage and rows of seats, waiting to be dressed by the hearts of an eager audience, under the canopy of tall oak trees, I am flooded with creative inspiration.


And by the way, your scarf is amazing! It feels so soft and easy. I can't tell you how much I adore a great scarf! Being a singer, my scarves have become my best allies, confidants and layers of protection over the years. If ever I am feeling like I'm missing a little something in my ensemble, it's usually the scarf. (Which then becomes the obvious accent piece to my whole wardrobe!) This one is definitely a beauty.