As a young refugee, Shiva Rose had lived for 10 years in the countryside of Iran. When the family escaped the Iranian Revolution, they moved back to the United States, where this emerging teen had to adjust to a completely new culture.

Today, Shiva Rose, living with her two daughters in L.A., is drawn to the energy of Big Sur, Ojai, Kauai and Tuscany. Having created her eponymous line as a natural segue from her blog, “The Local Rose,” Shiva’s transition arose from solitary walks in nature, eating vibrant foods, and a kundalini yoga practice. With varied health issues, she wanted to heal herself, documenting her process of discovering artisans and healers, using others’ products, and learning about healing benefits of algae and ayurvedic herbs.

As she transitioned into wellness, she went back to the nature familiar to her as a child, surrounding herself and her daughters with chickens, fresh eggs and beehives.

Spiritual practices of meditation and tea ceremonies keep her on track, so she can quietly connect to herself and have faith. Drawn to such artists as Georgia O’Keeffe and Frida Kahlo, Shiva is working on a book on holistic beauty, due to be published in 2018. Joy and satisfaction, for her, come from creating healing products that actually work and are chemical free and nontoxic, guiding women toward radiance and self-nourishment.

Shiva Rose urges all to live in love and not fear: “Don’t regret things you have done; regret those things you have not done.”